Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while. It’s good to be back.

While cleaning up, I found some old sketchbooks with drawings I did a few years back. I can’t remember when I made those exactly (I wasn’t very particular with documenting dates way back xD) but I figured I would redraw some of them to see if there’s any difference.

For today’s post, I will show you one drawing that I did. I may be doing a few more comparison drawings in the future, depending on the time that I have. Anyway, I can’t say that it’s the best ^^” But I guess with practice there would somehow be some kind of difference. The one I did now is colored digitally compared to the one I did before. I still have a lot to work on ^^

But I hope that somehow it will inspire people out there that they just have to keep going, keep practicing. Sometimes we think that we aren’t making any progress but with those small steps that we take, we are actually going somewhere. 🙂