Hello there! So I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard yesterday and I found this <–[link there] character made by an artist. I thought it was a really cool idea with the pirate having magical powers. Imagine what that character can do. Anyways, his work is waaaaaaay better ^^” I just thought I’d create my own version of it as well. I still have a lot to learn, I wish I could actually draw the grandiose idea that I had in mind, but I feel like I couldn’t do it just yet. I will have to practice more so that I can do more things in the future. ^^”

Anyways, there are many really really good artists out there whom we can learn and get inspiration from. Even in tumblr alone. Sometimes it makes me cry because they are all so good *-* They are all very inspiring. I do follow artists and animators from different animation studios and learning from them somehow helps. Being an artist/designer is a constant path of growing, and learning new things to explore your skills and boundaries. To my fellow artists out there, just keep on doing what you love 🙂