Have been a bit busy lately but I have decided to share a glimpse of what’s inside my sketchbook. Back when I was still in university our teacher would always tell us that we should at least try to draw everyday. It sounded a bit crazy at that time. Even though we love drawing and design so much, we still wanted to do other things and didn’t really feel the need to draw every single day. But now, I try to do it as much as I can. You will notice how you’ll get more courageous in drawing more and more difficult things once you at least try to practice everyday. Before, I had way more fears when it comes to drawing. I’m scared of drawing people, I don’t think I can draw fast enough, those kinds of stuff. But for days, I tried to ignore those, and just kept drawing. It started with just copying other drawings, and pictures. And later on I felt like I can do the things that I was scared of doing before. I’m not really good yet, but drawing things that I definitely thought I couldn’t do before somehow became possible. Even though it’s always good to criticize yourself from time to time, don’t forget to just do your thing and keep swimming. One day, you might realize that you’re already at the doorstep of your goals without even noticing.