HEXrpg has this Graphic Design contest every month. For October, the task was to make a retro horror movie poster using cannon HP characters. These are just artworks and images which I have gathered from the internet and combined together to produce a poster for the contest.
The plot would be something with a really huge monster and of course our heroine will be the one who will fight. ^^ I included Lockhart as I thought he always seemed popular and could be very likely to take on the role as an actor when asked to do so. Draco would also be there as I thought it would be interesting to have him with Hermione. Gabrielle was someone I immediately connected with the Grindylows because of the story in the Goblet of FIre so I included her. W.W.W. Films would mean the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Yeap, in this imaginary world they branched out into films. ^^ I found an artwork of Hogwarts in retro design with the moon above so I thought that this would really fit in with the ambiance which I’m looking for in this horror movie.