So I’ve decided that I’ll do this thing which I’m gonna call Project WInk(Wasted Ink). What I’m going to do is that I’m going to “renovate” some of my old sketches which I found out, is about around 4 sketchpads, and 3 clearbooks. So I need to redraw them all. xD It’s quite huge for me because there are quite a lot of sketches which I have done years back. I was able to bump onto those a few days ago and decided to maybe “improve” them. ^^ Thinking back, you realize that even if you are studying design, it’s not everytime that you will become inspired. Sometimes, you just make things just for the sake of having something to pass to the professor. xD I’m not sure if design students experienced that but for me it was that way sometimes. ^^” And all those thoughtless ideas and sketches came to life in a number of sketchpads and clearbooks. ^^” Anyway, I hope I can reinvent them all. I’m calling it Project Wasted Ink because I’m pretty sure that I’m going to need quite a lot of pens and pencils to finish this up. But I hope I can do it! ^_^