“The world is a freak, everything in it is strange and beautiful..” -The Spindlers

I used to have the internet nickname “BlackM0on”. I was always fascinated with things that are related to outer space. My first ever dream profession was to become an astronaut. But then I saw this sci-fi movie when I was a kid and the astronaut died in outer space. It kind of discouraged me at that time. ^^ But it never hindered my interest for the vast universe. Imagine all the possibilities that it offers and the mystery that are yet to be uncovered in the coming generations. Anyway, I drifted apart from the my astronaut plans because I wasn’t also good at math. And I learned that Physics plays a big part in Astronomy soooo.

Aside from Astronomy, I was also into drawing and fantasy stuff. All the feeling of overwhelming wonders which I have encountered as I grew older influenced much of my works. Of course, I have yet to discover my specific style when it comes to art and design and I hope to improve more as days go by. I think this journey of finding the personality of one’s specific art is neverending, because it’s always evolving, and contributing to different areas in the world.

So back to my username and nickname. I’ve always thought of how the New Moon never really gets appreciated as much as the other phases of the moon. Then I thought, maybe because of its name? Names can really affect or make a difference on someone. Like Rumpelstiltskin, or being named after a famous person or thing. As you can see, a new moon is like an invisible moon. When it is its time to exist, it looks like a Black Moon. It’s there, but it looks black. Sounds kind of magical to doesn’t it? I thought that people are also like that. Everyone seems to be ordinary but when you think of them in a different perspective, you will realize that there’s always something special with every person. And the good thing is that it’s really diverse.

I still have a lot of work to do in order to improve.  I hope I can meet and learn a lot from all the artists and designers out there. Recently, I have been working on 3D modelling which is a challenge for me but I hope I will really improve. ^_^

Anyway, I graduated from the University of the Philippines with a major in Industrial Design. On the sidelines I try to practice making digital art and sketching. I hope I can also venture into crafting as well in the future especially Quilling. xD I also hope that I will be able to study more in the future so for now I am really practicing. 🙂